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The Talerka.tv website is a project launched and maintained by Andrey Azarov, multimedia designer, culinary enthusiast, and chef. There he shares interesting stories, tales about his culinary trips, and videos about traditional recipes from all over the world.

Originally the website was created with a little-known CMS that was neither supported nor documented. Growing such a website was difficult.

We had to recreate this project from scratch, using Drupal. We migrated the data from the original website and added more functionality.

The project evolved and expanded its geographical reach, so it needed different language versions.

The website is now available in 4 languages:  English, Ukrainian, Russian, and Spanish.

We also developed a new API for Talerka mobile app, which brings all the recipes from the website to smartphone screens. It also works with both iOS and Android.

API for Talerka app

In September, 2012, Talerka App made it to Top 50 of Apple US App Store, in the Food&Drink category. In September and October of the same year, it also was in top 10 cooking apps of Russian App Store, where it competed along with apps by Jamie Oliver and Julia Vysotskaya.