Campus BaseGroup mobile app


BaseGroup Labs develops software products and solutions for business analytics.

Their website has a section called Campus: business analysts community. It is filled with content the majority of visitors are interested in: news, blogs, articles, event announcements, presentation records and slides, latest publications on the topic — over 15 types of entries. 

Campus Basegroup is a mobile app that allows users view the content from that section. 

We created the design, developed the API and the app, then published it on App Store and Google Play. 

When adding new content to the website, editors can check the option to publish it on the app as well.

Making content from the website available through the app

App functionality


We developed Campus Basegroup, using web technologies. It means that the same code is used for both iOS and Android.

It significantly reduces development costs and time, because  we build only one app instead of two for both platforms. To develop the server-side API, we used Drupal.

Campus Basegroup on Google Play.