Lead management system for the BaseGroup Labs

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BaseGroup Labs develops software products and solutions for business analytics.

One of their partnership programs is oriented towards companies that work on analytical projects using the Deductor platform and/or have their own solutions that use data analysis technologies by BaseGroup Labs.

Partners' representatives register data on potential customers in a lead management system at basegroup.ru. This new system makes cooperation between partners and BaseGroup Labs employees more effective.

We developed what is essentially a small-scale CRM system for managing leads. It can be found on the partner portal. 

Main functionality:  

Notifications for actions with leads

Any action triggers a notification. These notifications show administrators from BaseGroup Labs actions and changes made to the lead.

Automatically archiving leads

Every lead has an expiration time. When a lead expires, it is automatically archived.

Extending lead expiration time

Partners can request extending a lead’s expiration time and BaseGroup employees can extend it from the interface. 


The monthly report system allows partners to get a report on all of their active leads. Admins can view reports on any user.


We used Javascript to develop the easy-to-use, responsive interface and Drupal to develop the website as well as the API for leads.