The e-Learning section on the Loginom website

2018 Archived
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One of Loginom Company's focus areas is growing experts in machine learning and data analysis. In 2018, the company launched Loginom e-Learning — a learning platform with a new set of online courses on data science and business analytics.

Together with Loginom Company’s employees, we planned and developed a large section on that focuses on the new product: courses available on a subscription basis.

The section includes description of subscription plans, a course catalog, and pages for every course with all the details, a course program, and supplementary study materials. We provided an in-depth comparison between subscription plans and visualized it to make differences even more clear.

Loginom Company put a lot of effort into designing courses on data science. They wanted to share their experience and demonstrate their new analytical platform in action.

The purpose of these courses is to make analytics understandable for anyone with a degree in economics or engineering-related subjects.

The courses cover analytical technologies in high demand like business intelligence, knowledge discovery, data mining, big data, deep learning, and many others.

All study materials have been prepared by experts who wrote books on business analytics and have vast experience in corresponding projects and training.

Subscriptions give access to the catalog of courses available at the moment of subscribing as well as any courses published during the subscription period.

The Personal subscription plan is for individuals seeking to start their professional venture in analytics. It gives a yearly access to a catalog of basic courses on data science, data analysis, and fundamentals of working with the Loginom platform.

The advantage of this plan is its affordability. To get access to the learning platform, users need to purchase the subscription on the website, using their bank card.

The Standard subscription plan includes courses that cover data science, data analysis, and big data.

The Enterprise subscription plan includes specialized courses, consultations from business experts, and libraries of ready-made Loginom components for solving real-life problems.